What Digital Queensland includes

Video Toolkits

Over 100 15-minute video presentations on key survey issues:

•    Mobility and communication tools
•    Cloud and IT services
•    New digital customer – websites, social media and engagement

Video toolkits also cover Business improvement (including export readiness and smart manufacturing) and Taking care of business, and identify individual Software solutions rated highly by survey respondents.

All video presentations focus on subjects, issues and concerns raised in surveys of over 5,000 organisations across Australia.

Case studies

Case studies written in the form of question and answer “stories” help people understand the value of ICT products and services, through the example of an organisation like them – an organisation that can describe the pitfalls and benefits in simple terms.


The insights articles are observations on adoption and use of technology, and the broader impacts of the digital revolution.

Commentary is based on survey results, issues and feedback from respondents, and the experience of working with industry associations, the ICT industry and government over the past 14 years.

Technology is only half the story and in many ways the least important part. We human beings are the real story, and our reticence or willingness to make time to really understand how digital disruption is changing our world, our industry sectors, our businesses and us.


The magazine includes interviews with industry experts, academics and vendors on advancing manufacturing, export, jobs and the future of work, digital disruption, innovation, new ideas and how to succeed in the new digital world.

Mike Sullivan interviews James Paulsen, CEO of Queensland leaders

Interviews are updated regularly, covering bigger picture issues – advancing manufacturing, jobs and the future of work, digital disruption, clean energy, food and water, health and the informed patient, innovation, smart cities, internet of things, transport, sport in the 21st century, climate change, homelessness, fair go, lack of leadership and then the same again.

Jobs and the future of work, export and digital disruption will be regular monthly themes.

Resource centre

The resource centre provides presentations, information and online courses presented and curated by experts covering a wide variety of subjects organised around different themes – export and export readiness, workplace health and safety, business improvement, communication and so on.